Tooth Positioner

This is an appliance that resembles a professional mouthgard. It is used at the end of treatment to do the finishing movements to your teeth.

You should wear it at night sleeping, plus at least 4 active hours during the day (clenching and releasing). The more active hours that you wear it the better your result will be. It is very important that you actively clench your teeth when wearing it. That is what causes your teeth to move.

Never rinse your tooth positioner in hot water or leave it in direct sunlight.

Always use the case provided when you are not wearing it to protect it from damage or loss.

Brush it 2-3 times each day to keep it clean.

Retainers will be given to you once the positioner is finished.

If you have any difficulties please call our office immediately.

Remember: E =R
Effort = Results
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