Office Tour

At our office, we aim to make every visit an experience our patients are pleased to talk about. You will find an inviting and friendly office environment. Come take a tour!

our office

Exterior Photo:
Our office is conveniently located at 2076 Baldwin Drive, Jenison. Ample parking is available right in front of our building.

reception area

Reception Area:
Our friendly staff will greet you at the front desk when you arrive. Please make yourself comfortable in our reception area.

cafe area

Coffee and Cookies:
We strive to provide that extra level of service! Please enjoy coffee, water, and cookies during your visit.

children's play area

Children’s Play Area:
Our office is child friendly. We provide a separate play area for your children to enjoy during your stay.


Gameboys entertain children of all ages and help make your visit more pleasant.

records room

Records Room:
The records room is where information is gathered to help diagnose and treatment plan each case individually.

Initial Examination Room

Initial Examination Room:
This is the initial examination room. Dr. Powell and Dr. Bre look forward to meeting you and answering all of your questions!

CBCT Machine

CBCT Machine:
This is the radiographic panoramic machine which enables detailed evaluation of tooth and jaw structures to ensure the best possible outcome and greatest comfort for our patients.

Toothbrushing Station

Toothbrushing Station:
Don’t worry about bringing your own toothbrush. You can take your pick of disposable brushes on your way to the treatment clinic.


Treatment Clinic:
This is our treatment clinic–bright and open, with comfortable chairs and window views for everyone! We excel at communicating that we care. Each patient in our office is treated with the same warmth they would receive if they were part of our family.

Progress Bay

Progress Bay:
Following each adjustment visit this specially designed area is used to inform you of your progress and provide any supplies you may need to help create a beautiful, healthy smile.

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